Campbell's Chunky - Star-Fused Market Revitalization

PR campaign with Kelce, Swift tackled saturation and gained Forbes feature.

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Zesty journeys with Campbell’s Chunky.

In an attempt to rejuvenate its market appeal, Campbell’s Chunky embarked on a daring PR campaign, merging the athletic appeal of Travis Kelce with the pop culture icon, Taylor Swift. With a market threatened by content oversaturation, the challenge was to create a fresh narrative that resonated with both the sports and music audience.

The Challenge

Market Saturation: The Swift-Kelce market was becoming oversaturated with content, risking brand message dilution.

Audience Engagement: Engaging a diverse audience with varying interests in sports and music.

Brand Relevance: Maintaining Campbell’s Chunky relevance amidst rapidly shifting consumer preferences.

The Strategy

Celebrity Endorsement: Utilizing the star power of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift to create a cross-genre appeal.

Targeted Content Creation: Developing content that resonated with the diverse interests of the target audience.

Social Media Campaigns: Leveraging social media platforms to create buzz and engagement around the campaign.

Media Outreach: HeavySeas PR orchestrated a well-coordinated media outreach to ensure coverage across key media outlets, including a feature on Forbes highlighting the innovative approach of the campaign.

The Execution

Hearty meals, the Campbell’s Chunky way.

With a blend of engaging social media content, celebrity interactions, and strategic media placements, the campaign rolled out, creating a buzz that reverberated across the target market. The highlight was the feature on Forbes, which validated the innovative approach of Campbell’s Chunky in navigating the oversaturated market.

The Impact

Increased Brand Visibility: The campaign bolstered Campbell’s Chunky’s visibility, establishing a fresh narrative that appealed to a broader audience.

Forbes Feature: The feature on Forbes elevated the brand's prestige, showcasing its innovative marketing approach to a global audience.

Audience Engagement: The campaign saw heightened engagement rates on social media platforms, with notable interactions between the brand and the target audience.

Sales Uplift: The buzz generated translated to an uplift in sales, affirming the success of the campaign.


Tradition meets modernity with Campbell’s Chunky.

The Campbell’s Chunky Stardom Campaign exemplifies the essence of innovatively navigating a saturated market to rekindle brand relevance and engagement. The strategic media outreach, culminating in a Forbes feature, underscored the brand’s innovative approach, setting a precedent in celebrity-endorsed PR campaigns​.

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