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PR tactic took Republic Floor and Eylor to wider notice.

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Global expansion a testimony to pioneering flooring.

Republic Floor, led by entrepreneur Rotem Eylor, has been a pioneer in the flooring industry with its innovative waterproof engineered flooring products. Despite their groundbreaking offerings, reaching a broader audience beyond industry-specific platforms was a challenge they faced. The goal was to elevate the brand and its leader to a position of recognized thought leadership within and beyond the industry.

The Challenge

Rotem Eylor leading flooring evolution.

The primary challenge was transforming flooring from a mundane topic to an exciting narrative that would capture the attention of top-tier media outlets, including Forbes.

The objective was to position Eylor as a thought leader and industry expert, extending brand awareness both nationally and internationally.

The Strategy

HeavySeas PR devised a three-pronged strategy to tackle Republic Floor's challenges:

Thought Leadership: Establishing Eylor as a thought leader by pitching him to industry and mainstream publications on flooring innovations and business leadership topics.

Lifestyle Integration: Highlighting the aesthetic and practical value of Republic Floor's products by associating them with lifestyle topics, facilitating features in design and style-centric platforms.

Engagement and Event PR: Utilizing creative pitching and organizing speaking engagements to maintain audience engagement and keep the narrative surrounding Republic Floor intriguing and relatable.

The Execution

Innovative flooring transcending industry boundaries.

HeavySeas PR initiated a comprehensive PR campaign.

Through persistent pitching and leveraging various lifestyle topics relevant to flooring and home improvement, we managed to secure coverage in several targeted publications focused on design and style.

Additionally, the strategic positioning of Eylor as an industry expert led to his acceptance as a contributor to reputable platforms.

The Result

The pinnacle of success was achieved when Eylor received an invitation to join the Forbes Business Council, significantly elevating the brand's prestige and visibility.

This recognition on Forbes not only validated Eylor's and Republic Floor's industry leadership but also catalyzed global brand expansion, witnessed by the opening of three new locations worldwide and a surge in sales and trade show invitations.


This campaign exemplifies the power of a meticulously crafted and executed PR strategy in transcending industry boundaries and propelling a brand to the forefront of mainstream recognition, epitomized by a prestigious feature on Forbes​.

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PR tactic took Republic Floor and Eylor to wider notice.